Wednesday, November 04, 2009

So, you want to integrate technology? Why? What are the pedagogical reasons for doing this? What do you hope to gain from an educational standpoint?

Here is a collection of articles, videos, and other resources that explore the use of technology in the curriculum. Some argue for using technology some suggest teachers should consider not bringing technology into a lesson. I will be adding materials to this page as the year goes on so please come back and visit.

The discussions are broad and general but I think you'll get the sense that they are saying you should be able to know when it's right to integrate technology and how to think about changing the lesson or the environment for the lesson to make sure the learning you are planning for will actually occur. This is as opposed to going with a tech-centered lesson no matter what.

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Making Your Chalk (I mean computer) Teach?

This set of powerpoint slides includes highlights from a 1951 filmstrip created for a professional development program with educators using chalkboards.

How is this relevant today? Are there parallels with using websites, blogs, interactive whiteboards? What can we learn about the tools we use today from the way we taught about the tools we used in the 1950s?

     Making Your Chalk Teach

Getting Attention in a Laptop Classroom (November 2008)

Schools Drop Laptop Program But Are They Dropping the Ball As Well? (May 2007)

Bill Gates remarks at the National Summit on High Schools (February 2005)