Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Save the Redwoods

Dan Burgess, a long time friend of mine, lives in Crescent City, CA near the Oregon Border. For many years he has worked on the forest whether it was restoring salmon spawning areas, clearing invasive species from stream areas and lakes, or even searching for the famed spotted owl. For the past several years now he's been doing what I think is the greatest work of his life. Saving the Redwood forests of the Northern California Coast.

Not only is Dan helping to restore the forest but he's doing it with a variety of different people and organizations all working toward the same goal. Making the forest back into what it was before humans began cutting it down. Personally I can't think of anything more important one can do in life.

You can learn more about it by watching this video:

Forest Restoration in the Mill Creek Watershed

When You are done, you can see more by visiting film maker Thomas B. Dunklin's site to learn more.

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